Month: December 2020

  • Hipster Jesus

    Which Jesus do you follow? In this episode of Inner Revolution our host will raise a few eyebrows. Join us! Inner Revolution PodcastMy name is Jason, I am passionate about […]

  • Revival is messy

    Listen to the latest from Inner Revolution. Revival is messy. We want things on our terms but when it is like that we stunt growth. The ground must be broken […]

  • Ep 014: 5 Ways to View 2020

    In this episode of the Servant Warrior Podcast, we see hindsight is in fact 20/20 and offers five ways to view the year behind us. The real question is… How […]

  • Spirit of Discovery

    Louis and Clark the great North American explorers pioneered for 2 years the pacific northwest. They discovered plants, people, and animals not known before. In our spiritual lives, we can […]

  • Special Episode: Good Ain’t Grace

    Special Episode Merry Christmas, everyone! This week we’re talking about one of the (seemingly) untouchables: Santa Claus. Oh, and also how the Christian life is about grace over goodness. That’s […]

  • Ep 013: Where’s Baby Jesus?!

    In this episode of the Servant Warrior Podcast, we re-visit the reason for the season, discover baby Jesus is missing, and that the stars are shining brighter than normal! Also, […]

  • Don’t poke the Bear

      In this episode, Inner Revolution will provoke you if you are spiritually alive. The church is the revelation of Christ on the earth. No wonder the devil wants to […]

  • S3E12: Red Tape with Georgy Roy

    Our good friend Georgy Roy joins us again on the Pantry Podcast, this time to talk about what can come against you from the powers that be—the red tape that […]

  • Dressed for Battle

    Being prepared and ready for the move of God keeps us from missing it. God equips us for victory. It is easy to fight our own battles that don’t represent […]

  • Ep 12: Warriors Pray, Pt 4 – Praise

    In this episode of Servant Warrior Podcast, we delve into why warriors pray through prayers of praise. It’s time to armor up! Servant Warrior PodcastThe Servant Warrior Podcast exists to […]