S03E11: Not Yet, Maybe Never with Monique Terez

Not Yet, Maybe Never with Monique Terez // S03E11 There are many verses we can point to that show God’s faithfulness to hear and answer a believer’s prayers. Yet, we often overlook that God is about giving us the best, even if the best is “no,” or “not yet.” This week, we talk faith and surrender in the midst of delayed (or rerouted) gratification with Christian singer/songwriter Monique Terez.

If we look at the life of Joseph, it’s a great example of someone who received a clear dream from God early on in life. And he was certain of it. He had many obstacles, many ups and downs, and I’m certain that there were times when he even questioned the meaning of the dream that he had at the end of the day. God’s favor, still remained over Joseph’s life in every situation, but took about 22 years from the point when he told his brothers the dream. So 22 years, he waited, we can really look at how he dealt with that waiting period.

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