Servant Warrior Podcast

Ep 016: Jesus, the Bible, and the United States of America

Servant Warrior Podcast January 8, 2021


What are we missing? Jesus and the Bible… We are one nation under God. We must return or we will continue to fall apart. There is hope in Jesus and the Good News He gave us.

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Servant Warrior Podcast

The Servant Warrior Podcast exists to equip and empower you to lead, serve, and protect those within your realm of influence; all while strengthening your daily walk with Jesus. A Servant Warrior is one who is anointed and called by God to lead, serve, and protect in all areas of their life. He dons the mighty armor of God each and every day... Even though His armor bears many marks from battle, He remains loyal to the King, dedicated to the King’s mission, and devoted to all beside him.

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