Month: February 2021

  • How to Fight 2: M.A.D.

    As men we fight against a counterfeit reality. A reality of false pleasures, false relationships, false acceptance and false manhood. We must learn to Move, Attack and Defend. Restoring Heroes […]

  • History’s Heroes

    In this second part of valuing history with our special guest Jack Wheatley, we see the importance of history’s heroes. Men and women who gave everything so that we could […]

  • S04E08: All for the Glory

    What does it mean to do it all for glory of God? It may be easy when life’s flowing well, but what about when you’re utterly confused why this is […]

  • Deepen Your Roots

    Deepen those roots! A New Kind of ManThe New Kind of Man podcast is for men who want more from life. Every man has a unique story, but the virtues […]

  • Valuing History

    Today like never before we must be students of history. To understand our history from a biblical perspective teaches us the value of it. Our special guest P. Jack Wheatley […]

  • What is your price?

    The devil has a bounty on our heads – he has a warrant out on every believer.  In this episode, we see 2 examples were Judas negotiated 30 pieces of […]

  • Let’s Talk Music

    In this episode we have a sit down with Drix the father of Quintuplets and Country Rap Artist. We discuss what he has been up to in the music scene, […]

  • S04E07: Broken Bread with Pastor Kim Shibley

    How does God use our brokenness? More importantly, how did He use Christ’s on the cross? On our FIFTIETH EPISODE (woo!) we sit down with our very own Pastor Kim […]

  • New Beginnings

    We all want a new beginning, we get so tired of the old -but where do we start? In this episode we share practical ways to grab ahold of the […]

  • Ep 63. Man Under Construction w/Michael Vilches

    Michael’s work centers around noble manhood! Michael is a great guy who shares his journey from wounds to healing with honesty and hopefulness. Man Under Construction is an overflow of […]