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Inner Revolution

Dig a well

Inner Revolution Podcast July 12, 2021

We are all thirsty – but where do we drink from? Psalms 63 shows a believer that draws from the well of life and is satisfied. Join our host on how to dig a well in a thirsty and dry land.

Inner Revolution


Inner Revolution Podcast June 15, 2021

The aftermath doesn’t have to be our epitaph. God gives a brand-new beginning in healing . In this episode our special guest John Stropparo from outsidechurchianity.us joins us and shares on ways this happens.

Inner Revolution


Inner Revolution Podcast May 27, 2021

God has made you unique. You are one of a kind. Our world is conforming to a “one size fits all” mentality. We were not made to be conformist but to be transformed into Christ image.

Inner Revolution


Inner Revolution Podcast May 19, 2021

Any information that doesn’t go THROUGH the cross can be prevented. Hidden pretense and manipulation are the flavors of our day because lies are looked at as truth. IN this episode we will share on how to expose propaganda.