Author: Inner Revolution Podcast

My name is Jason, I am passionate about helping people to find Truth. This podcast we have dynamic thoughts from diverse speakers with a biblical viewpoint. As you listen, each moment will create lasting change.
  • Bind the Strongman

    You cant take back territory unless you dislodge the strongman. Only one can be ruling at a time. In this episode we will talk about binding the strongman so that you live in freedom of the Spirit.

  • Taking Back Territory

    In 1 Kings 13:15-19 the principal is to keep claiming your victory - keep shooting your arrows! join our host in this episode as we introduce "taking back" what is rightful ours in Christ.

  • Outside Churchianity

    Special guest Jon Stropparo with the podcast joins us today with a heart to heart on the value and opportunities that face the church today and beyond.

  • Are you a Dreamer

    We stop dreaming and we begin complaining and making excuses why we can't do something. In this episode we will share a revelation on the faithfulness of God and grow a heathy imagination.

  • The Mordecai Spirit

    This episode will address the starvation and famine of the soul and ways to live in courage.

  • Break the cycle of Circular Thinking

    Around and around we go, over thinking and over analyzing - How exhausting! Is there a way to break the pattern? Yes! Check out this episode.

  • Psychological Slavery

    There is so much noise in our world that is creating internal turmoil. As we get noisy brains we can easily submit to the wrong authority and become psychological slaves. […]

  • Controversy

    In this episode our host will show how we can see the silver lining in controversy.

  • Walk out your Faith

    As we are seeing our world change on a daily basis it is no wonder the need to WALK OUT our Faith. Our host in this episode will share effective ways to stand rather than being passive. We play an important role as believers in these end days.

  • Glory in the Cross

    P. Dennis White with Greater Grace Frederick, shares on the value of glorying in the cross and how it affects our daily living. A realization of Gods presence will radically change our present state.