Inner Revolution

  • Walk out your Faith

    As we are seeing our world change on a daily basis it is no wonder the need to WALK OUT our Faith. Our host in this episode will share effective ways to stand rather than being passive. We play an important role as believers in these end days.

  • Glory in the Cross

    P. Dennis White with Greater Grace Frederick, shares on the value of glorying in the cross and how it affects our daily living. A realization of Gods presence will radically change our present state.

  • What is the Spirit saying to the Church

    The church is a lighthouse - do we turn off the light in the middle of the storm?

  • Standing Firm

    It is easy to slip when we lose our footing. As Christians it is a critical day to stand in the power of HIS might. In this episode our host […]

  • Focused or Fainting

    It is easy to faint when we lose sight of what God is doing in our lives. Other things can have dominion and cause great grief and confusion. In this […]

  • Overcomer

    You may not see yourself as an overcomer by your standards but in Christ you are! In this episode we are challenged to Know what we believe, settle issues in […]

  • The Underground Church

    Learning from those who have “lived in” opposition is helpful in advancing through it. Marxism will “shut down” the argument that it can’t answer, therefore we must be aware of […]

  • History’s Wake up Call

    “If you snooze you lose” this can be very true if Godly people stand by idle and do nothing as evil tries to “erase” our history. P. Jack Wheatley is […]

  • History’s Heroes

    In this second part of valuing history with our special guest Jack Wheatley, we see the importance of history’s heroes. Men and women who gave everything so that we could […]

  • Valuing History

    Today like never before we must be students of history. To understand our history from a biblical perspective teaches us the value of it. Our special guest P. Jack Wheatley […]