Restoring Heroes Project

  • Forging Boys to Men with Sammy

    A very special episode with a amazing guest. Restoring Heroes ProjectWelcome to Restoring Heroes Project! Christian husbands and fathers YOU ARE HEROES! You are needed. You have value. You being […]

  • Death of the Man-Child

    As Christian men our goal is to grow into maturity. We are not to be childish, temper tantrum throwing, penis fondling, Mama’s boys. We are men. We are husbands and […]

  • How to Fight 3 : K.I.S.S.

    In a battle it is important not to get Data Overload. If you have to many options you will essentially have none. It is better to have a few tactics […]

  • How to Fight 2: M.A.D.

    As men we fight against a counterfeit reality. A reality of false pleasures, false relationships, false acceptance and false manhood. We must learn to Move, Attack and Defend. Restoring Heroes […]

  • How to Fight.

    The call to us as men is to fight. With glad submission to the King of Kings; we make war against the devil, flesh and the world. However like every […]

  • Lord Lord pt. 2 Embrace Truth

    In a world of counterfeits. We as men have to be careful not to get sucked in the vortex of falsehoods. No matter how much it looks like the real […]

  • Lord Lord

    “Everyone wants to be a Christian until it becomes Biblical” unknown For many men, it is easy to say, “Jesus is Lord” with their lips. However, their actions do not […]

  • Storm the Gates 3 : Jesus is Lord

    Jesus is Lord is not just a cute statement to put on a bumper sticker or something that you find on a t-shirt at the local Wally-world. This statement holds […]

  • Storm The Gates 2 : Go & Conquer

    This is a command from a King to his soldiers to Go and Conquer. A command to colonize the world for the Kingdom of Light. Breaking the chains of darkness […]

  • Storm the Gates

    “Shall not prevail” Matthew 16:18 The Kingdom of darkness will not overtake the Church. No matter how much demons buck, scream, and foam at the mouth the Kingdom of darkness […]