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The Pantry Podcast

Special Episode: Good Ain’t Grace

The Pantry Podcast December 23, 2020

Special Episode Merry Christmas, everyone! This week we’re talking about one of the (seemingly) untouchables: Santa Claus. Oh, and also how the Christian life is about grace over goodness. That’s the main point—how important it is for us to focus on serving up grace and truth rather than focusing on […]

The Pantry Podcast

S3E12: Red Tape with Georgy Roy

The Pantry Podcast December 18, 2020

Our good friend Georgy Roy joins us again on the Pantry Podcast, this time to talk about what can come against you from the powers that be—the red tape that can make, depending on where you are, worshipping the Lord freely a tough (and maybe even life-threatening) task. The Pantry […]

The Pantry Podcast

Warfare Prayer

The Pantry Podcast December 1, 2020

Though the world may see it as platitudes, prayer is one of the greatest weapons we have in our eternal arsenal. It’s not always easy to turn to it first in desperate times, but when we do…it’s a definite game-changer. This week, we’re all about this not-so-secret, go-to weapon. The […]