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Inner Revolution

The Underground Church

Inner Revolution Podcast March 5, 2021

Learning from those who have “lived in” opposition is helpful in advancing through it. Marxism will “shut down” the argument that it can’t answer, therefore we must be aware of the time we live in and be vigilant. In this episode our host will share practical thoughts from the book […]

Restoring Heroes Project

Storm the Gates

Restoring Heroes Project January 8, 2021

“Shall not prevail” Matthew 16:18 The Kingdom of darkness will not overtake the Church. No matter how much demons buck, scream, and foam at the mouth the Kingdom of darkness has already lost. Our victory is in and through Jesus Christ. We Christians are not fighting for victory. We are […]

Inner Revolution

A Sleeping Giant

Inner Revolution Podcast January 5, 2021

December 7th, 1941 ┬áthe Japanese navy commander said these infamous words “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” As the church is being awakened to find itself in a precarious place, in this episode we will see ways […]

Inner Revolution

Don’t poke the Bear

Inner Revolution Podcast December 21, 2020

  In this episode, Inner Revolution will provoke you if you are spiritually alive. The church is the revelation of Christ on the earth. No wonder the devil wants to shut it down! We need wisdom these days not to back up, put up or shut up – we must […]