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Inner Revolution

What is your price?

Inner Revolution Podcast February 22, 2021

The devil has a bounty on our heads – he has a warrant out on every believer. ┬áIn this episode, we see 2 examples were Judas negotiated 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus. The “world,” cut 7 locks of Sampson’s hair, and he lost his power and effectiveness. We […]

Inner Revolution

Sheep need a Shepherd

Inner Revolution Podcast January 15, 2021

We all are in great need of Jesus being our chief shepherd. The care, leadership, and direction that a shepherd gives keep the sheep from wandering, getting attacked, and arriving at the right place to graze. In this episode, we will share how to be led by our shepherd and […]

Inner Revolution

Hipster Jesus

Inner Revolution Podcast December 31, 2020

Which Jesus do you follow? In this episode of Inner Revolution our host will raise a few eyebrows. Join us! Inner Revolution PodcastMy name is Jason, I am passionate about helping people to find Truth. This podcast we have dynamic thoughts from diverse speakers with a biblical viewpoint. As you […]

Servant Warrior Podcast

Ep 013: Where’s Baby Jesus?!

Servant Warrior Podcast December 23, 2020

In this episode of the Servant Warrior Podcast, we re-visit the reason for the season, discover baby Jesus is missing, and that the stars are shining brighter than normal! Also, if you tune in you’ll get a sneak peek at the Discord community’s weekly challenge! Servant Warrior PodcastThe Servant Warrior […]

Inner Revolution

Don’t poke the Bear

Inner Revolution Podcast December 21, 2020

  In this episode, Inner Revolution will provoke you if you are spiritually alive. The church is the revelation of Christ on the earth. No wonder the devil wants to shut it down! We need wisdom these days not to back up, put up or shut up – we must […]

Inner Revolution

Giant Slayers

Inner Revolution Podcast November 24, 2020

We all have giants in our life. How do we overcome them? Health, Finances, Relationships, or Addictions are designed to drive us to the Lord. Each giant may shout his fearful words, his baseless lies try to intimidate us to back off. Jesus promises victory. There is no formula just […]